About Me

In a nutshell, I’m a 20something trying to make it postgrad!

-Born in Charleston, SC, currently living in Daytona Beach, FL

-Finished my B.S.  in magazine journalism at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication (where Ann Curry, one of my idols, graduated from!).

– I’m a journalism lover! Maybe you should call me a jourdie (journalism-obsessed – I’m coining this term!)?

-I’ve interned at Eugene Magazine, Metroleta, College Lifestyles, and Her Campus Magazine

-Freelanced for BookRenter.com, Lavish Living Magazine, and North State Parent Magazine

– A contributing writer at The Huffington Post; you can check out my first article for HP, written Nov. 2012, here.

-In addition to those gigs, I taught English in the Democratic Republic of Georgia. The blog I kept while over there is over here.

My Georgian host sister Anna and me

My Georgian host sister Anna and me


– Funnily enough, although I spent so much time and money studying journalism, I work with kids mainly. Writing has become more of a side gig. I really enjoy teaching, goofing off with the kiddos, and being able to build Lego houses and get my hands splotched in paint each day. What could be a cooler job?!

Fotor0518111646 IMG_7025


At the Boys and Girls Club!

At the Boys and Girls Club after school STARS program!

– When I’m home I love reading, traveling, going to the movies with friends, trying new recipes, exploring my city, rocking out to loud country music, and being adventurous however possible.

– My blog is a mix of ramblings, features, rants, etc. I love writing and sharing what I learn and care about, and I hope you’ll share what you care about with me, too!

Follow me here to keep up with what I’m doing and where life takes me (and what goes on in this awfully curious head of mine).

For a more current update on me day-to-day, you can follow me on Twitter!


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