A Q&A With My Preschool Kiddos

Last week, while sitting with the kiddos at work watching them color, I started doodling with them. We usually talk about random things (what they’re doing that upcoming weekend, who has a new ouchie and how they got it, some funny thing their cat did, etc.), but on this day I suddenly remembered an article I’d read about a dad who had posted a thread on Reddit prompting readers to ask his 3-year-old son questions. I remembered how funny the little boy’s answers were and thought, Hmmm, maybe I could do that with my kiddos.

Federico Fellini - Childlike 01

So below is my Q&A with Annie (A) and Quinn (Q) who are both four years olds, and Caroline (C) who is three!

How old do you wish you were?

A: 70
Q: 42
C: 100

Why does it rain?

A: So I can stomp in mud
Q: So I can jump in puddles
C: Because there’s clouds

What would you buy if you had $1 million?

A: Peanuts, pretzels, cupcakes
Q: Barbie dolls
C: A panda

What do you wish everyone in the world had?

A: Kristof (from the movie Frozen)
C: Diamonds
Q: Stars

Where will you be in five years?

A: Africa
C: A trip
Q: *couldn’t decide*

Who is your superhero?

A: Michelle from Full House
C: Sylvia (sister)
Q: Hearts

If you could only eat one thing the rest of your life, what would you pick?

C: Goldfish
Q: Broccoli

What do your stuffed animals do when you’re asleep at night?

A: Walk around
C: Sleep with me
Q: Get up and go to Rapunzel’s tower

What would you do if you were the teacher?

A: I would let you go past the cones (we have cones marking off where they can play outside for safety)
C: I would let you go down the 4 and 5 year old slide if you were 3
Q: Let you ride bikes too fast

What animal would you let live in your house?

A: Cheetah
C: Bunny
Q: Giraffe

If you could have any color hair, what color would you pick?

A: Pink with gold and white
C: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
Q: Rainbow

If you could ride an animal to school, which would you pick?

A: Cheetah
C: Bunny
Q: Horse

What would you do if you were President?

A: Go to preschool
C: Go to Teacher Patty’s
Q: Go to Teacher Patty’s

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

A: A tomato house
Q: A hotel
C: A house that’s far away


Isn’t it funny how some kids are so logical with their answers and others are completely imaginative? I think that’s one of my most favorite things about working with children is that there are no limits to them and things don’t have to make sense in their world; things just are. It makes me wonder where in the line of growing up do we eventually lose that sense of wonder and start feeling like everything has to make perfect logical sense? Adults make things so complicated sometimes and kids are just simple. They say the first thing that comes to their mind and the moments when their thoughts are crazy silly are when I’m most grateful to work with them. People talk about wanting to stay grounded, but for me, these kids bring me up into the clouds with them to dream and play and imagine. I know that as long as I’m around them, I won’t lose that part of my brain.


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