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6 Things I Would Buy If I Won Publisher’s Clearing House

Lately, Aaron and I have been on this kick of entering any contest we can to win money or prizes. I was using Swagbucks (which awards for shit, btw), then we were both calling into the Price Is Right daily to win the $4000 prize giveaway each month…

I’ve always known about Publisher’s Clearing House. When I was in middle school, I remember my mom used to get mail from them and use those little gold stickers to enter. I hadn’t entered myself until about a month ago when Aaron and I were watching TV one night and a commercial for PCH came on for their “Win $5,000 a week for life!” contest. That was it. Aaron was hooked. He said, “Is that real?!” and immediately made an account. I didn’t realize he was taking it so seriously until he mentioned a couple days later the emails he was getting from PCH daily and how he would immediately follow-up and enter as many times as he could. I could almost see the $$ signs in his eyes.

His determination must’ve been contagious because after that, I made myself an account and have been entering daily for that same contest. Who wouldn’t want to win $5000 a week for the rest of their life?!

I would be lying if I said that several times a day I didn’t daydream about what I would do if I won that money. For your entertainment, here’s the first six things I would buy:

  1. Plane Tickets

To where, you ask? Anywhere! I would find one of those spinning globes, put my finger on it, and spin away! Do I have a preference? Italy, anywhere in South America, Egypt, Paris… oh, and they would be first class tickets!

      2. Land

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of having my own 40 with room for as many horses as I could handle and a big red and white barn.


Wide open spaces, room to breathe in the country air.

     3. A house

Just a starter home so I could get out of this tiny apartment and not worry about hiding how man cats I have from my landlord.


My dream home – warm and Southern! The first home of many 😉

     4. Student loans

I’d pay off the mountain of student loans I’m under. I wonder how much my credit score would increase if I paid them off?


Maybe I don’t have to age this much in order to pay them off?

    5. A meet and greet to Keith Urban ❤

Laugh all you want but ever since I was 11, he’s been my country music crush. I’m still searching for the perfect lyric from one of his songs to use as a tattoo. I’ve never been able to afford a meet and greet to anyone, and even if I could, the person isn’t ever in the right place at the right time. This time, I wouldn’t have to worry about where their concert is because I could buy the plane tickets to get there too!




6. My grandma’s house

The property to my grandma’s house sold several years ago, yes, but I’m sure whoever is living there now wouldn’t hesitate at taking $100,000 cash for it. There is no one who would be more attached to that house and property more than my grandma. I remember actually discussing with her how much I wish I could afford it and telling her I would turn it into a dog rescue. She was pretty happy with that idea. I would love to buy it back, turn it into the rescue and make the house a place for employees, maybe refugees with no where to go, to live.



It was a struggle to pick only six, because there’s about 100 more things I would also do, such as buy a beach house, donate to an animal shelter, get more tattoos, build a house for the homeless… But those are my top 6, especially that last one.


What would you do?


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