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This Facebook Page Blew Me Away With Their Sick Comments

You know who the really strong people are in this world? People who get bullied. Good lord, what has this world come to that it has become second nature to some to spat out words of hatred so cruel, it could make someone want to kill themselves. Where does that kind of personality come from that words like that can just be on someone’s auto-pilot and default?

Last week I was on Facebook, just scrolling through, when something popped up that I just couldn’t scroll past. A friend had commented on a post in a group devoted to calling out a so-called “tag chaser.” The term tag chaser refers to people who romantically pursue those who serve in the military.

The people participating in this page were making fun of a girl whose profile was listed on Tinder.

IMG_7155Here’s what the caption for the photo was:

"Tag chasers... and for some reason I highly doubt she's a world champion barrel racer"

“Tag chasers… and for some reason I highly doubt she’s a world champion barrel racer”

“Maybe she is the barrel?”

“Nice try, fat bitch”

“That horse is strong as fuck”

“[She’s a member of] meal team six”

“I seen worse goin into da barracks looooool”

“Ay, she may be a whale, but the hour be late and her blowhole be wet”

“May the scale be forever in your favor?”

“There’s a private wanting out of the barracks somewhere”

“Be nice to fat people – one day they may save your life”

“She said she wanted the “d”, so I gave her diabeetus”

“World champion Cracker Barrel racer”

“‘Becoming a nurse.’ All I heard was, “I want to marry a Marine so the USMC can pay for my medical school.”

“Maybe the horse rides her?”

“I’m not saying you are a slut, but you are easier than Poland”

“I feel bad for what ever horse/soldier she rides, haha”

“If she really is a barrel racer, I feel bad for the horse… #endanimalcruelty”

“She’s the barrel”

“If barrel racing is a sport involving fat people rolling down hills for competition, I do believe she might be telling the truth”

“Only 15 miles away? F***ing run bro”

“She must have been one of the barrels that were raced around. Either that or one of the rodeo clowns….”

“Ain’t a f***in horse big enough to carry her ass… Plus I’ve watched the past 10 years of the NFR and never seen that beached f***in whale…”

“Of course she loves marines… I was in the Army, sooo many BMW’s!! Living off the hard earned cash of soldiers and then cheating when they go away on deployment.”

“World champion barrel eater”

“Fuck it. I’ll be drunk soon, I’ll delve into the danger zone”

“Does she come with a saddle?”

I’ll stop because I’m making myself sick writing these out.

But are you f***ing kidding me? I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Making fun of a beautiful girl for, when it comes down to it, expressing herself and merely being honest.

I had to comment after reading the nasty things people were saying about her. So I said, “Shame on every person here for making nasty comments. You are what’s wrong with the world. Have fun going through life as a bully; it’ll do you more harm than good.”

I didn’t expect the responses I got. Out of maybe 20 replies (I haven’t checked since Dec. 29), I got one or two positive ones supporting what I said. ONE OR TWO. One from a guy and one from a girl. The rest looked like this (you can click on each one to make it bigger):

IMG_7125 IMG_7147 IMG_7148 IMG_7149 IMG_7150 IMG_7151 IMG_7152 IMG_7153 IMG_7154 IMG_7158 IMG_7159

Again, are you kidding me?! How in the world are there people like this that are living and breathing? I honestly can’t call them humans, that’s for sure. It makes my blood boil that they’re treating someone they didn’t know like this. It’s not okay to treat someone like that even if you do know them, of course… Reading these made me want to drive to each person’s house and confront them. Especially the one about how the commenter disagreed with me but still wanted to “run the trains,” (meaning sleep with me), and the guy who referred to me as the “Night Rider” because everyone can take a turn.

These are guys making these comments. If that’s who women have to choose from nowadays, we’re all SOL. And what’s even worse, like this could get any worse, is that all these guys that are part of this page – they’re ALL apparently in the military. These are the type of people we have representing our country and defending it. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought defending your country meant you were also fighting for the people, too. Which just falls back on them. Why are they fighting for people they couldn’t care less about? If you don’t wanna waste your time….

It makes me sick to my stomach that these are the people we respect so much… when they have little to no respect for us. I haven’t looked at the rest of the page, but I don’t really want to. There are almost 25,000 “likes” for that page. I think all those people can just go to hell. I might even request that that page (you can see it here) be taken down.

This whole thing is one of the reasons there are so many f-ing suicides. How can anyone stand to live in a world where they are treated like scum? My belief: you don’t do that to people.

I have always, always been on the other side (the one being bullied) and to this day I still am. That feeling sticks with you forever, people. No one forgets being treated that way.

I truly hope anyone reading this is not like the people above. I would hate to think any of my own friends would treat someone this way, too.

My New Year’s resolution – and I’m embarrassed to just be starting this – is to call people out on behavior like this. Next time you even think about posting something nasty about someone, think about your words. Think about the effect they’ll have. You might feel so big and mighty sitting behind your computer screen, but if you decide you “would never actually” say it to that person’s face, you prooooobably shouldn’t be posting it at all. Bullying is bullying, so the same goes for if you want to bully someone in person. Don’t. Don’t be the person who is remembered for that. I’m 25 and I can tell you there are people I knew in middle and high school who I will always associate with being a bully. Once you have that reputation, it’s a bit hard to edit.

How would you want to be remembered? Let that thought dictate your behavior.


3 thoughts on “This Facebook Page Blew Me Away With Their Sick Comments

  1. I commend and congratulate you Serena. Animals that have not been properly housetrained spout and foment this garbage because they are less than the people they are cowardly attacking behind the anonymity of print. They feel bigger when belittling others. It is sad that anyone gives their drivel and slobber any credence at all. Shame on those that have posted this crap – they are simply – as are all bullies – cowards.

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