The 10 Most Notable Things I Did In 2014

Such an original title, right? It’s been way too long since I dedicated any time to my blog. I love this thing, but for a few months it felt like a chore to write. I lost the inspiration and the motivation for a long time. I felt like nothing I wrote was actually worth reading, at least not to others. Does it take heartbreak and sadness to find that writing groove again? Sure seems like it…

I bought a new planner last week from Target and I’ve been itching to fill it out with everyone’s birthdays, concert dates, important events, etc. Last night I finally did that. Sitting cross-legged on my bed, I uncapped one of those pens that just makes you want to write. You know the kind I’m talking about. The ink just flows out onto the paper with little effort. Fresh ink just makes me want to fill a notebook with everything in my head; of course, then my hand would be dying, ha.

Anyway, I filled it out, and now it is absolutely beautiful and so inspiring. I just love seeing all the empty dates ready to be filled. I have these moments where I feel so optimistic for what will come next. I must be surrounding myself with the right people; power of positive thinking and all that jazz.

As I was looking through the past year, I realized quite a bit happened:

1. I started and lost two relationships – both the guy’s decision. Ugh, that hurts to acknowledge. I even submitted an article about the second one to the Huffington Post (here) and a follow-up (here).

2. I flew seven hours to Ireland after losing the first relationship, thinking I would be an au pair and heal my hurting heart through listening to Irish accents and baking cookies with little girls with red ringlets. Then I turned around and flew seven hours back home because I was denied entry at the airport.

I'll never forget that moment

I’ll never forget that moment

3. I failed a math class, so, contrary to the belief of pretty much everyone I know, I still do not have my degree, although I have taken every other required class. Do you know how difficult it is being only one class away from having that paper degree in my hand? And not just any class. Math. The thing I suck at most in the world. 2015 will be the year I finish my degree.

4. I was clinically diagnosed with depression, started therapy, and enrolled in a depression study. So at least I got paid to be depressed. That money is now helping me pay to get my independence back (I just applied for an apartment:)).

5. I started a new job at the Boys and Girls Club. Hands down, one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. The kids I work with are absolutely amazing and I feel so blessed to have a job I look forward to going to every day; some days I even get there early! My jobs, both here and at the preschool in the mornings, have helped me so much with my depression. It’s winter break and I miss them like crazy. Who actually wants to go back to work when they have a vacation? This girl. I highly encourage anyone looking for a most rewarding job to consider their local Boys and Girls Club. They really do so much to help these kids.

Crazy girls!

Crazy girls!

FullSizeRender (2)

6. Crater Lake was checked off my list. My 4th of July this year was amazing. I always wanted to see one of Oregon’s natural wonders and now I have. How beautiful.

Look at that blue water.

Look at that blue water.

7. Hawai’i was also checked off. My grandmother, who will be turning 86 next year, decided to treat us to a tropical paradise for a week. We stayed at the Sugar Beach Resort, so named because the sand is just as fine as granules of sugar. Unfortunately, the depression followed me to Hawai’i, but the parasailing and snorkeling definitely took my mind off it 😉


Snorkel destination: Molokini Cove

Snorkel destination: Molokini Cove

Rain brings rainbows

Rain brings rainbows

Yes, that speck is me.

Yes, that speck is me.


9. I saw quite a few talented musical artists: Jason Mraz, Lee Brice, Josh Turner, George Strait, Joe Nichols, and Trace Adkins. Phew! Too much good-lookin there! I’m so thankful I was able to see George before he was officially retired.

10. I honored my grandmother with a new wrist ornament.

"g" for grandma

“g” for grandma

Now I can look down and she’ll be there:-)

What was the best thing you accomplished in 2014?


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