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10 Things On My Bucket List I Am Going To Do This Year

Two weeks ago, I knocked two things off my bucket list in the same week (palm reading and Brazilian wax (hey! no judging!)). A week later, I saw George Strait in concert. I have documented proof that I wanted to do that before he retired and I’m so happy to say I did! It got me inspired and kicked my motivation gear into high. It made me think, Why am I not spending more time doing things on my bucket list?

To be honest, I don’t actually have  a bucket list written out, but I should! We should all spend a little time really thinking about what we want to do during our life, and then spend the rest of our time actually trying to accomplish those things. For some, the thought of making a list with things they might never have the chance to do is depressing, and that’s where they’re wrong. Your bucket list shouldn’t be some over-reaching list of the next-to-impossible-to-do-things. It should be full of things-that-are-definitely-possible-things.

To give you some inspiration, I’ll share with you 10 things on my bucket list that I plan to do this year.

1. Travel overseas again. Currently this is looking like a tie between Australia and Ireland. Who will win?

2. See Crater Lake. I live in Oregon, literally five hours from this landmark. How have I made it to 24 years old and not done this?

3. Finish writing half of my own book. I started this thing last summer and I only have five chapters written. I need to just sit down one afternoon and crank some more out.

4. Take a trip to California. I’m the only person I know who has never been to California and, again, I’m what, five hours from the border? This would be super easy to accomplish!

5. Go fishing. Another “how have I not done this?” thing. Of course, I would just catch and release, but I want the experience!

6. Go camping. Maybe I can go fishing when I do this, haha. I’ve only ever “camped” in an RV. Doesn’t count in my book!

7. Go to Las Vegas. I know it’s possible. It’s gonna happen.

8. Master Spanish. I took it in high school and picked it up pretty quickly, but now I’m a little rusty. Mastering it shouldn’t be hard to do, especially since I have my very own Spaniard to help me!

9. Cook Georgian food. I lived there (the country), I have the recipes, there’s no excuse for my not having made it for my family now that I’m back.

10. Reconnect with a family member, or start a new relationship with one. I know my family is amazing, and my extended family is even more amazing. Who knows what would come from connecting with someone?


Tell me your bucket list items!


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