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5 Things I Would Consider Being for Halloween… If I Was in a State That Celebrated It

This year I am spending Halloween and Thanksgiving in the country of Georgia. I’m a little sad I’m missing some major holidays, but at least I get to be home for Christmas (now I know the meaning of that song…), but it doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate in my own small way here.

In Georgia, there is no way I could celebrate Halloween in the classroom. Not only is it just not celebrated at all, a friend here warned me not to do anything related to Halloween on October 31st. Apparently, the whole idea surrounding Halloween is offensive in this country full of Orthodox Christians.

Being here has certainly brought me a whole new meaning to “you never know what you have until it’s gone.”

But just because I won’t be celebrating with other people here, that doesn’t mean I can’t have my own little fantasy in my head of the costumes I might consider dressing up in if I was in a country that celebrated it. Here’s what I’ve been thinking:

1. Wonder Woman
This would be so appropriate in a country where the women really are wonder women. To find out more about what I mean, read this post in my travel blog.

2. Day of the Dead Temptress
I have seen too many pictures (yes, on Pinterest) of amazing makeup for Day of the Dead. I would love to be made up like this.

I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe next year?!

3. Egyptian Woman
Love the time period and I’m fascinated by the clothing they wore. It would be so cool to dress up as a historical figure. Somehow, I really doubt they dressed as depicted in The Mummy 2:

And maybe instead like this:

4. 20s Flapper
For some reason, I have always been drawn to this time period. Probably helps that I’m a huge Gatsby fan, too! I have always wanted to put on one of those dresses with the beads hanging down, put a band around my head with a feather in it, and paint some red on my lips.

5. Sarah Sanderson
Just in case you were deprived of seeing this Disney gem, Sarah Sanderson is one of the witches (the beautiful one) in Hocus Pocus, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

6. Book Character
Instead of wearing a short dress and some heels, like so many females do nowadays for Halloween, I would love to dress up as my favorite literary character. Who is your favorite? I’ll show you mine…


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