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3 New Attractions the U.S. Needs

1. A fellow blogger posted this amazingly cool place in Thailand and I just had to post about it on my own blog. Get this: a floating cinema!

Put together by a German architect, the floating movie theater sits off the island of Kudu Noi near Phuket, a resort island. The screen sits between two large rocks and the seating is like a floating raft. I’m not sure I could pay attention to the movie with all that floating going on. Could you?!

Photo courtesy: architect

Photo courtesy: architect

Moviegoers sit on little cushions, which has to be more comfortable than the movie theater seats in the U.S. Unfortunately, unless some groundbreaking protests happen, the theater won’t last long! The parts “will be dismantled and donated to the community of Yao Noi as a playground and floating stage.” More photos and info here.

2. In Fiji, an underwater hotel has been in the works. It’s following in the footsteps of the infamous underwater hotel in Dubai. (Dubai seems to be ahead of everyone these days.) Rooms have stunning views of the blue-tinted water, where fish swim by and the marine life are the last things you see before you slip off into Dream Land slumber.

Photo courtesy:

Fiji’s tropical paradise. Photo courtesy:

“Above water, the hotel contains the lobby, restaurant, spa and pools, and below are 21 luxurious rooms, a dive center and a bar, giving a whole new meaning to the term “wet bar.”” This blog post says it all: “Last one to build an underwater hotel is a rotten turtle egg!”

Water Discus Hotel, Dubai Photo courtesy:

Water Discus Hotel, Dubai
Photo courtesy:

Looks like something out of Star Wars, right?

3. In Southeast Asia, you can fly through the jungle on a zipline. Thailand is famous for this adrenaline-pumping adventure and you can make a day of it. A delicious lunch, a visit to a beautiful waterfall, a tour through the rainforest leads you right to your next daredevil experience. Apparently it’s the only canopy adventure in Thailand and the longest zip line in the world.

Photo courtesy:

The plank walk leading you to the airborne jungle flight. Photo courtesy:


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