The Awesome Things My Dream Home Has

Maybe I have seen one too many House Hunters episodes (thanks, Mom), but from watching them I have figured out what’s most important to me in a home. Some couples pride themselves on a large bedroom, vaulted ceilings, a deep pool, a bathroom with separate sinks, or a nice view. Me? Well, take a look. Location TBD.

1. An aviary.
Wouldn’t that be so cool to wake up and hear birds chirping and singing you good morning? Just imagining those sounds makes me relax.

2. Window seats.
Every house, I think, should have a window seat in the foyer. It’s one of the best ways to read a book. Basking in the sunlight, possibly with a cat curled up by your feet.

3. Room out back for a hammock.
Some people insist the holes in hammocks are uncomfortable and inconvenient. Me? I say a hammock is the perfect place for a nap, some thinking time, or (as #2 says), a good place to make progress on a book. Picture pausing every now and then to stare up between the tree’s leaves as the sun streams through, reflecting shadows off your face.

Photo courtesy: www.felmiatika.com -

Photo courtesy: http://www.felmiatika.com

4. A porch(!).
It is my belief that people with back or front porches have no idea how lucky they are. It is truly a luxury these days to be able to sit on a porch swing, or even the concrete steps, and enjoy the sun going down while kids play in the street or neighbors walk by with their dogs. In my experience, some of the best thoughts come whilst sitting on a porch.

5. Claw-foot tub.
Oh, how much joy I would be in if my home had a nice, big claw-foot tub! These apartment bathtubs are not satisfying my bubble bath needs at all. In a perfect world, every apartment, house, flat, shack, shed, etc. would come with a claw-foot tub. A girl needs her tub nights – candles melting on a side table next to a big glass of champagne, mood music (Josh Kelley or John Hiatt, anyone?), and plenty of bubbles.

Photo courtesy: bleuepiece.com

Photo courtesy: bleuepiece.com

6. Enormous backyard.
Next to sitting on a porch swing, there is nothing sweeter (other than sweet tea) than being able to run around a big backyard, accompanied by a happy dog or not. Squishing your toes in the grass, running your hand across the blooming flowers in the garden, and then lying down to watch the clouds go by.

7. Breath-taking view.
If that front porch had a nice view of, oh say, the ocean, I would not be complaining at all. It could even have a view of the mountains, a nice big empty field, a farmer’s land full of cows and horses and sheep, or a lake with boaters fishing.

8. Piano.
The notes of music a piano creates are just beautiful. Something about them says home to me. In my dream house, there will be a piano playing beautiful music at all the right times.

9. Lots and lots of light!
I’m so tired of living in dark little apartments. I will never understand how people can get by without opening the blinds or curtains each day to let the sun’s light in. My dream home will have big windows – possibly taking up a whole wall – throughout the house. Happy homes are bright homes.

Photo courtesy: inmyownstyle.com

Photo courtesy: inmyownstyle.com

10. Fireplace.
This should be on everyone’s dream home list. Can’t you just picture having a picnic by the fire or roasting marshmallows for s’mores? Or even reading a book one cozy night while it’s raining outside. Fireplaces add that quintessential coziness necessary for a home.

11. Climbing roses.
I just love the way climbing anything’s look. Roses, vines, tiny star-shaped flowers, whatever! They add a castle-like charm that is irresistible.

Photo courtesy: www.hgtv.com (of course)

Photo courtesy: http://www.hgtv.com (of course)

12. A barn.
Call me a typical country girl, but barns have one of my favorite smells: barn animals and hay. Fresh, smooth, slip-through-your-fingers hay.

13. Tire swing.
Or any old swing, really. As long as it’s outside and it works, it’s perfect. This is my inner 8-year-old wanting a mini playground.

14. A mini-beach fire pit.
I found this one via a quick Google search. Whoever knew such a thing was possible?! During the summers, or warm spring nights, take the fireplace picnic outside and keep cozy by the warmth of an outdoor fire pit. No one can resist that feel of sand between their toes.

15. Skylights.
I think it would be really cool to have a large portion of the living room ceiling as a window, for sunny days and star-gazing at night.


Tell me what’s in YOUR dream home!


One thought on “The Awesome Things My Dream Home Has

  1. This is very well thought out, love it. All I would take is a pool full of Jello & I’d be happy as heck… and a pet penguin 😛 lol

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