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10 Things I Plan To Do My First Summer as a College Grad

A week ago, I took my last final exam. It’s taking awhile for it to sink in that I’m done with college and my life is my own now. I am no longer ruled by textbooks, homework and a city bus schedule. The free time has given me time to think about what to do with myself now. I’ve got quite a list going, though.

1. Read. There are so many books on my bookshelf that I haven’t read. I would love to make a dent in them and get them off my shelves so that I can donate them and embrace a new lifestyle. Which leads me to…

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2. Live like a minimalist.
For so long, I have been inspired to live differently; live with less. I have always been one of those people who drags things around with them, not wanting to give up/give away anything in fear of someday missing it and losing the memories attached. The blogs I’ve been reading lately have taught me that when you give something up, you’re not giving the memories up. You don’t need the physical thing to keep the memory. This summer, I hope to get rid of everything I no longer use/need. I may even write a post about it.

3. Write!
College is a time sucker. It leaves no room for any dedication whatsoever to any passions you might have. At least, for me it is. Classes kept me so busy that I had no time to just sit and work on my writing. Now that I do, one of my hopes is to write a book!

4. Connect with family. Family is the one thing in the world you always have no matter what. I already keep in touch with my entire family (cousins, uncles and aunts, grandparents), but I need to be better. Whether it’s through phone calls, email, letters, what have you, I will try harder to improve my relationships with my extended family because I never know when they might be gone.

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Photo courtesy:

5. Attack the bucket list.
I have quite a long bucket list and I’m going to accomplish at least one thing on it this summer, if not two. The first will definitely be getting a palm reading or something similar. I would love to know what they say about my future, although with my luck it’ll be a phony and they’ll tell me the same thing they’ve told every other person who walks through their door.

6. Explore my town.
I’ve lived in my little town for almost my entire life and there are places here I’ve never been inside. I would love to spend a weekend as a tourist, trying new foods and popping into little shops exclusive to Eugene.

7. Get healthy.
It’s not like I spend every evening gorging myself on chocolate cookies, but I could be a lot better with the whole self discipline thing. I think I’ll try jogging… and if you know me, you know that if I ever had to run for my life, I would probably die, so this is a huge step for me. Now, why, you may ask, couldn’t I have done this while I was still in college? Well, my friends, unfortunately I am one of those women who is overly concerned with appearances. I’ve been getting way better at not giving a damn what others think of me, but there is still that part that doesn’t like sweating in public. Now, I have no where to go (except work), so why not get my sweat on?!

8. Learn a new language.
Actually maybe I should switch out ‘learn’ for ‘improve.’ I already know quite a bit of Spanish and I’m desperate to improve. I’m hoping to spend three months in Spain next year, so there’s definitely the opportunity to learn there. But for now, this is where the dictionary comes in.

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Photo courtesy:

9. Work on my family tree.
Not too long ago, I started a family tree on I got pretty far with it but stopped when homework, work, and internships took over. If I work hard enough, I know I can make great progress with it and discover a lot of new things about my family and where I come from.

10. Take my cat for a walk.
Yes, you read that right. Lately he has been a total escape artist, slipping out the door whenever my roommates leave for the day. He put Mama through quite a mini heart attack when he was gone for almost two days, so to ease him of the anxiety he feels wondering what’s out in the Big Wide World, I figure I should buy a leash and take him out for mini walks. Maybe someday he’ll even learn to bring me his leash!

Mao, my troublemaker, thinks he can help himself to whatever Mama is drinking.

Mao, my troublemaker, thinks he can help himself to whatever Mama is drinking.


What did you do after college?!


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