My First 12 Thoughts After Graduating College

1. Yes! I’m finally done! No more homework, or textbooks, or city bus rides, or sitting behind sorority girls who can only talk about how hot that one guy is who just walked in.

2. I’m going to miss school! Sitting through lecture was sometimes fun, and a lot of those homework assignments were cool, too.

3. Shit! Now what? Do I have any potential job offers? Where will I be earning money? Should I find a summer job? Should I go abroad and work or volunteer?

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4. I’m the first college graduate in the family. My brothers never went to college, so I am the first child to have gone to college and achieved a Bachelors. Go me!

5. Sleep, yes! Time to catch up on all those times I couldn’t sleep in. And I better soak it up now because I won’t be able to when I’m working.

6. I can finally travel! I don’t have to wait and keep dreaming of the day when I’ll be free to just say yes to any crazy opportunity and take off.

7. Is there any chance I still have one year left? Maybe this was a mistake and my credits were miscalculated. Should I double check that? …. nahhh. The university knows what its doing. And if it slips and lets this girl go anyway, I’m not gonna tell em!

8. Aw, crap. Time to pay back student loans. Thank goodness for that whole six month time frame during which I hopefully will be able to figure out what the hell I’m going to do in order to pay back $39,000.

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9. This is depressing. I have next to zero job prospects and I’m not totally sure what my next move is. How do people get by without direction?

10. Life is changing. All my college friends are going their separate ways. Some are getting married, some are having kids, some have full time jobs at great companies several cities away… and some, those lucky Ducks, still have another year left of school!

11. I’m screwed. Do my fellow grads know what they’re doing with their lives or am I the only one experiencing post grad panic?

12. Maybe I’ll be okay. I’m smart, I can figure this out. Heck, I have a Bachelors degree! Let’s put this thing to use!

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