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My Feel-Good Playlist

OK, too much seriousness going on lately in my blog. Time for some inspiration! It’s summer, right? For many of us, that means road trips, beach trips, nights out with friends, and commutes to work or school. For me, being in the car means turning up my stereo and listening to my favorite songs to get me pumped for wherever I’m heading next. If you ever find yourself down and need some motivation and energy to get through your day, listen to one of these songs. I guarantee you’ll feel better.

This would be me if I was in the car with anyone other than myself. (photo:

New Shoes – Paolo Nutini

I think I discovered this song via Something Borrowed. My favorite way to discover songs is through movies (whoever has the job of finding soundtrack songs lucked out!) and I’ve never been let down. The lyrics are so silly, it’s impossible not to smile and sing along.

Best Day of Your Life – Katie Herzig

Another favorite way to discover music is through TV shows. Take this song by rising singer Katie Herzig, which I found while watching a Real World episode. It’s a little reminiscent of Bob Marley and it makes me wanna go on a safari for some reason…

New York Groove – Ace Frehley

My third favorite way to discover songs? Commercials! It’s usually the best commercials that have the best music. This one was for the road trip AT&T commercial. Bass-thumping, steering wheel tapping, head-bobbing = a great car dance party.

One Track Mind – Eric Clapton

If I remember correctly, I discovered “One Track Mind” at a Eugene Ems baseball game. It’s classy, it’s vintage, and hey, it’s Eric Clapton!

I’m Amazed – My Morning Jacket

This one I really lucked out on. I pretty much always listen to this one when I’m headed to Corvallis to hang out with family on the weekends. If you’re on the hunt for a good road trip song, it better be on your playlist.

Good Girls – Cris Cab

I put this on a playlist for two of my friends and they love me for it. Sadly, Cris is one of those guys whose songs are perfect, but no one really knows about. Take a chance on him!

Days Like This – Van Morrison

Don’t feel like getting happy? We all have those days where we just want to listen to sad music and wallow in our misery. Days Like This is usually my rainy day comfort song, but it works for summer nights too.

Any recommendations for songs I should add to my playlist? Don’t be shy! Let me know in the comments!


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