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Black Friday a.k.a. Want, Want, Want Day

Yesterday I woke up and was so disappointed in my fellow Americans. I realize that must sound incredibly cheesy, but hear me out.

Black Friday shopping is all about spending, spending, spending. Even when we don’t have the money. There was an article in The New York Times today that summed it up best: “Americans are told it’s our civic duty to shop,” says the article’s author, Sheldon Garon. “The problem is that millions of lower- and middle-income households have lost their capacity to spend. They lack savings and are mired in debt…” What part of this isn’t getting through our thick skulls?!

Seriously, though. Today I was ashamed to be American. I am usually so happy to be part of a powerful country with  a great president. Everyone wants to come here and everyone wants to be us. We should really question why that is, though.

Truth is, we live in a society where everyone, it seems, has everything. We have big screen TV’s, Blu-ray players, tons of DVDs, electronics galore, the boys have their outdoor play things… and yet still the world holds no joy for us. We are never happy!

I hate to pull out the Africa cliche, but while there really are people in Africa without clean drinking water, Americans get in line for Black Friday shopping several days before the doors are set to open. And really, clean drinking water is such a simple wish, a simple fix. How do we justify complaining about there being no money and no jobs, but not even question spending charging hundreds of dollars for unnecessary items? It’s disgusting. We are incredibly greedy and we really need to re-think our priorities.

By the way, everyone in this video should be ashamed of themselves. A waffle maker? Seriously?

I’m gonna go follow Suze Orman on Twitter now…


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