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OK readers, I haven’t posted anything lately, I know, but I have been thinking about posting. Doesn’t that count for something?

I went on a walk tonight with my friend, A, and while we were talking I realized all over again why I love this girl. She is honest to a fault, funny as hell, and my best friend. I was able to unload all of my pent up thoughts and she just listened. We all know how important friends like this are when we really just need someone to be on our “side.”

I’ve been having problems with my roommate lately and since I normally talk about my problems with my roommate, to not have that as an option is really difficult. When I talk with A about my roommate problems, she is always quick to agree with me and knows exactly what I’m talking about. I love that. Plus, she’s really motivational when it comes to future-related things, like where I see myself in a year.

A is a French major and will be starting her junior year at UO this fall. She originally wanted to study elementary education, but after being accepted to her dream college (Pacific) and not being able to go because of financial means, she decided that UO would do. I am genuinely excited for this girl. After getting her degree in French, she’s going to move to Paris and teach it. Then she hopes to get a Masters in elementary education. The way she talks about all of this, though, is inspiring. It makes me want to get up off my butt and kick myself into high gear. A doesn’t have a Facebook, unlike all of my other friends; I find that so refreshing.

When I got home from our walk, I immediately started researching my future plans and hopes. I realized that even though it would be hard for me to leave my mom behind in Oregon, moving to the east coast is ultimately what I plan to do after graduation. I can’t just stay here because I’m afraid to leave my mommy. I’ve always wanted to be independent and make it on my own/support myself, and I can’t do that here, in a place I don’t love and couldn’t find a good job in.

I mentioned this to A. I said, “Don’t you think it would be hard to leave your mom?” She said, “No, I mean, I know she would be bawling, but I want to move and I think I would be okay after the initial shock.” I love that I can strive to be like my best friend. I like that I’m friends with someone that I want to be like. In a lot of ways, A is my muse.

So. After graduation, I will pack up my things, put Mao in his carrier, and drive to my new home. Whether that’s in NYC or Africa, or wherever… I will go where the wind a really good job takes me.


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